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Hi there! Welcome to my humble blog, started in the early days of 2011 simply as my form of escapism to and indulgence in, my curiosity about food.

Why thebountifulplate? ‘Bountiful’ reminds me of what a life of abundance I can achieve if I put my mind to it. ‘Plate’ is a reflection of the importance of food in my life – how the world always seems like a better place after a plate of char koay teow (ask me what that is!), the sense of euphoria after a successful bake and the relationships cultivated around a boisterous eating session. I am always in search of good food, why not? If I have to eat to live, why not eat well, try to remind myself of the experience.. and tell the world about it so perhaps they could too?

Now, I like to think of myself as a generally socially responsible person, well, in fact a responsible person. Period. Where I choose to share my experience of a visit to a food joint/ restaurant/ eating establishment, I’d like to point out that it is MY experience, good or bad. You go on and try out any of these places for yourself, just like I did.

So, thank you, reader for stopping by – however you may have arrived. If you’d like to use any of the material published on this blog, share your interest in culinary adventures or just to say ‘hello’, get in touch at thebountifulplate [at] gmail [dot] com

Best wishes, thebountifulplate

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  1. September 23, 2011 12:13 AM

    Hello, I have nominated you for ‘The Most Versatile Blogger Award!’ I follow very few blogs, only those that I really enjoy and when I received this award I thought of your blog. It never lets me down and I enjoy it very much. Thank you….RaeDi

    This is not easy for me…

    Tikktok has nominated me for this award, The Most Versatile Blogger Award! I do not know whether to thank her or block her. I am not one who likes to receive any type of notice, other than please read my blog and subscribe… it is hard for me to accept this award… if you want to know the truth… I went to one class reunion since I graduated in ???? (I will put it like this it has been a very long time) and the only class reunion I went to was the 25th.

    I knew the gal that was putting it all together and she was honored with being picked the speaker. We were good friends in high school and I was invited over one afternoon so we could get caught up on things, it had been quite a while. When she started talking about the little awards for who came the furthest, had changed the most, changed the least… my brain started thinking, yes it does that once in awhile… Please do not let it be me, I knew deep down I probably had come from the most miles away, unless someone was living in Europe or Asia that I was unaware of, but I let her know that to make sure it was not me, I wanted no added attention to myself. I thought there were no possibilities my name would be called for any of the other awards, just for who had traveled the furthest. We talked about that and then I remembered that one of our classmates, became a pilot in the Air Force and had been stationed somewhere in Asia and had just returned stateside and was in Alabama. I said since he just returned and was on his way from just getting to Alabama then he should get it.

    That evening sure enough some thought I had came the most miles and my friend brought up our classmate/friend the pilot and that he was just getting in from… and he got the award. To my horror the next award was for who had changed the least, countless voices all called out my name. I looked at my friend up at the podium (pleadingly)she then asked if there any more nominees? To my relief two of my classmates’ names were called… after a few anxious minutes it was decided with applause and my friend named the winner and thank goodness it was not me. All that was said are you sure… We were all I was very sure!

    Now back to this award… Since she has done all the backup work and finding out just exactly what this award is or does, I leave that to her! Maybe she would like to write this too! All kidding aside, thank you Tikktok for thinking of me… you should not have!

    I need to list 15 blogs I enjoy reading then link them and let them know I have nominated them for this award. I need to list seven things about me; and I need to display the award badge! (HELP)

    15 Blogs I Enjoy (not in any order):
    2.Cooking in Sens
    3.Chica Andaluza
    4.tales of ambrosia
    5.Jules & Jules do food & wine
    6.Camerahols/Food,Photography & France
    7.the bountifulplate
    10.Oneheartonemind’s Blog
    11.A Word from the Bird
    12.Mango, Chili and Z
    13.mixed gems
    14.meanderings minds

    Seven Things About Me:
    1.I do not know how to display the award badge!
    2.It is hard to make a list when all you have to do is read: JUST ME, which tells you everything!
    3.My biggest fear is height, no… maybe mice… or it could be spiders…
    4.I do not like frying bacon.
    5.I will not swim in water that I cannot see what is swimming with me, but love the beach…
    6.Love doing watercolors more than cooking.
    7.Love our baby, a pixie bob named Ninnie.

    The Versatile Blogger Award:

    If you have been nominated by someone and you claim this award by displaying it on your blog, you must meet certain criteria. Here is the list:
    1.You must give credit to the person that has nominated you and create a link to their blog in your post, (as I have done in the above paragraph.)
    2.You must create a list of 15 blogs that you enjoy most and link to those as well. Then you must go and tell them you have nominated them. That means if you do not have 15, you cannot do this step. If you do not complete this step, then you cannot claim this award.
    3.Finally, you must create a list of seven things about yourself.

    Thank you Tikktok for nominating me, you are such a darling! Is Cocoa still screeching? ….

    • September 23, 2011 9:49 AM

      oh dear RaeDi, thanks for the nomination! I shall have to give this some thought over the weekend 🙂 x

  2. October 21, 2011 5:05 PM

    Great to meet you both lastnight…and what a BEAUTIFUL blog—can’t wait to see the post about all the olive recipes. Apologies for being a food mercenary…and hope to bump into you again soon. Rachel x

    • October 21, 2011 9:25 PM

      Thanks Rachel – lovely to meet you last night too. Keep in touch! 🙂 Hopping over to check out your blog now… 🙂

  3. May 10, 2012 5:30 PM


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    We are writing an article about The Waterside Inn together with a few more hotels&restaurants and making a research we found out about your blog and really fell in love with your pictures, we would really like to feature them on the magazine. For that I should ask you authorization to use this pictures, and I should also tell you that we would love to give proper photo credit (complete name of the photographer) as well as give a little note about the blog.

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