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Atari-Ya Swiss Cottage

February 20, 2011

I’d known about Atari-Ya for a few years now, mostly that they are a premier sushi-grade fish supplier to many of London’s Japanese restaurants. We’d normally get our sushi and Japanese food fix from Cafe Japan in Golders Green or as of 2010, Sushi of Shiori. My husband and I love Japanese food, he especially loves supreme fatty tuna (o-toro) sashimi which, when fresh and prepared well should literally melt in your mouth. We’d been to this Swiss Cottage branch of Atari-Ya sometime last year when it first opened but unfortunately on that occasion, there was no o-toro. But this time round, we were delighted that it was available and promptly ordered a portion of 5 pieces of sashimi (£12).

Checking out other bloggers’ reviews via Urbanspoon gives you a general consensus that the food here is good, very good. My run-down on Atari-Ya is that the price you pay for the quality of seafood you get is incomparable to any other sushi/sashimi eatery I’ve ever been to in London. At the Swiss Cottage branch, I also love that the layout means it never feels excessively cramped even when there is a full house.

O-toro sashimi with beautiful marbling

Followed by assorted sashimi consisting of tuna, salmon, yellowtail, sea bream and scallops (£18)

For mains, we each had a set lunch which came with miso soup, an appetizer, pickles, salad and fruit.


I had the unaju lunch – broiled eel on rice with a sweet soy based sauce (£16). The eel was soft but firm and what I particularly noticed is that the quantity and level of seasoning of the sauce was perfect for me (I don’t like my food too salty).


K had the tonkatsu lunch which consists of deep fried breaded Iberico pork with rice and salad (£15). The crumb coating was perfectly crunchy and the pork itself flavoursome.

We were completely satiated after our meal and will be returning very soon!

Plates for two = £61 sans the pot of green tea we shared

Atari-Ya Swiss Cottage is located at 75 Fairfax Road, London NW6 4EE which is about 5 minutes walk from Swiss Cottage tube station or 8 minutes walk from Finchley Road tube station.

Atari-Ya Sushi Bar Swiss Cottage on Urbanspoon


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