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First eat out of 2011 – Busaba Eathai

January 6, 2011

Busaba Eathai has been around for a good 10 years, according to its website here

For someone who hails from the same region as Busaba’s Thai cuisine, I do find it a bit strange that it has taken me so long for my maiden visit to an outlet. Perhaps that’s precisely it – the fact that Busaba is a chain of restaurants serving a type of cuisine that I’ve not had the opportunity to develop much interest in.

But as a first step towards my resolution to try eating at places I’ve never been to before this year, to Busaba Eathai I went with the hubs on a chilly first Sunday of the year. I’m pleased to note it was not a regretful visit at all and if I craved a bit of easy access Thai grub, I’d definitely go in search of a Busaba.

Where’s the plate?

We visited the outlet 8-13 Bird Street, London W1U 1BU which is a couple of streets away from Selfridges.

What’s on the plate?

We shared an order of chicken wings with pandan leaves as a side order.

Chicken wings with pandan leaves

I had the sen chan pad Thai which is rice noodle with prawn, peanut, egg, green mango and crabmeat.

Sen chan pad Thai

The hubs had pad kwetio which is rice stick noodle with smoked chicken, prawn and holy basil.

Pad kwetio

We also had a drink each which were a bit on the expensive side but tasty for a lemonade and ginger tea!

The price of the plate?

Circa £27 for two persons

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